Eric Teal Joins Queens Oak as CIO and Managing Partner; Brings Track Record as Value Investor to Boutique Asset Management Firm

Queens Oak Advisors LLC, a boutique wealth management firm providing comprehensive wealth and investment management services to individual and institutional clients, announced today that Eric M. Teal has joined as managing partner and chief investment officer.

Mr. Teal most recently served as chief investment officer for a large regional bank in the Southeast and brings to Queens Oak Advisors more than two decades of experience managing collective trust funds, mutual funds, university endowments, and state and local public pension plans. His asset allocation and value-oriented approach to investing in equities has earned praise from industry consultants as well as clients he successfully guided through the most recent financial crisis and economic recovery.

“We are very enthusiastic about Eric leading Queens Oak Advisors’ top-notch team of investment advisory professionals and growing our business,” said Lee Scott, former CEO of Walmart and an investor in Queens Oak Advisors. “Eric’s track record in investment management and value investing will allow Queens Oak to grow in new markets throughout the Southeast and beyond while making good on our commitment to deliver investment performance and outstanding service to clients.”

“I am delighted to join and help lead the Queens Oak team of financial professionals,” said Mr. Teal. “Our perspectives on markets, asset allocation and investment selection and portfolio management challenge the conventional wisdom, and we believe Queens Oak’s clients will benefit from our high-quality, value-minded approach.”

“Investment managers like Eric are well positioned to continue to grow and deliver results since they have the experience and expertise in various market environments,” said Tagg Romney, managing partner at Solamere Capital and a colleague of Mr. Teal’s.

Mr. Teal joins a growing number of top investment managers choosing a career path with boutique investment firms, said David Eager, former head of Mercer Investment Consulting and founder and partner at Eager, Davis & Holmes, advisors to many of the largest U.S. money managers.

“Boutique firms are appealing to top managers like Eric because they offer a degree of independence and autonomy as well as the opportunity for equity ownership, which is also important to the investment community and consultants,” Mr. Eager said. “And the bottom line is that the empirical evidence indicates that boutiques have produced superior results for their clients.”

“Every investor has unique needs and objectives that should drive the investment process. A large part of the value proposition offered by boutiques is that they typically have a narrower focus that is very closely aligned with the success of their clients,” said Jeb Doggett, partner in Casey Quirk & Associates, the largest global management consulting firm in the investment industry . “It’s that relationship-based, client-focused approach to
investing that helps boutiques stand out in a crowded marketplace.”

Mr. Teal’s investment acumen and unique approach to value investing has made him a highly sought authority who is often quoted in financial media and a frequent presenter at institutional investor conferences. He received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Rhodes College and his MBA from the University of Memphis, and also studied at the London School of Economics.